Golf Phenom Lexi Thompson Shares Success Secrets

SUSIE GHARIB; You may not know her name, but she could be the next big thing to hit
the golfing world. She’s 17-year-old Lexi Thompson. She went pro last
year and at 16 was the youngest golfer ever to win an LPGA tournament.
Thompson has placed in others, bringing home almost $600,000 in tour money
over the last two years. We meet her in tonight’s “Beyond the Scoreboard,”
with Rick Horrow.

chance, give us your elevator speech, about your sponsors, who are they?

LEXI THOMPSON, PRO GOLFER: My sponsors are Cobra, Puma, Red Bull, and
Rolex, and, you know, they’ve been with me since I’ve turned pro, and, you
know, just always there for me supporting, even through my bad times.

HORROW: Well, so those are different kind of sponsors, what is the
brand of Lexi Thompson, what does it really symbolize?

THOMPSON: Well, they’re all fun and young lifestyle brands. That’s
what I wanted.

HORROW: And what about globalization? I know you played in the
women’s Australian, you’ve been traveling around the world. Is your brand
global? And how do you make sure that you expand your appeal beyond North

THOMPSON: It’s important to be known worldwide, you can’t just be
known in one spot. So, you know, I just came back from Australia and
Thailand. So I’m all over, and I love traveling, just to see different
cultures and different people. It’s a great thing, have this game of golf

HORROW: Well, you’ve been successful both on and off the course,
thank you, Lexi.

THOMPSON: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

HORROW: Appreciate it.

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