Tiger Woods Brings More Green to Business

TOM HUDSON: Tiger is back on the prowl, and that’s good for the business of golf.
Even though Tiger came up short of the title at last weekend’s Honda
Classic, ratings for Comcast’s NBC television network were up 78 percent.

In tonight’s “Beyond the Scoreboard,” Rick Horrow speaks with the
executive director of the tournament, beginning with the return of Woods to
the contest.

standpoint, you know, we’re projecting about a 30 percent increase in
attendance and concessions and a few other things. On an expense side too
it does affect that because, you know, we have to improve our security on-
course. We have to increase our transportation. We have to increase our
concession, the food, the merchandise, so on and so forth. And of course the media, the media credentialing requests have gone from over about 125 to over 300 requests this week.

take as a tournament director?

KENNERLY: In the game of golf to begin with, you know, we can’t
control Mother Nature. So, you know, a financial risk for us right away
comes in the form of weather. We don’t have insurance against the weather.
We can certainly acquire it, but it’s not something that we do. You know, so economically for us the weather is an enormous factor.
One of the good things that I think we’ve done in this community has been
the increase in advance ticket sales. As you know, every event the more
tickets you can sell in advance that’s revenue in. And, of course, at the
end of the day the revenue goes to charity.

HORROW: So where do you think the business of golf and the PGA Tour
will be in the next five years?

KENNERLY: I think the business of golf is healthy. I think it will
continue to come back. Everybody struggled, you know, from ’08, certainly
for the last few years. But the PGA Tour is strong. And I think we’re
going to see more of a global game. You know, from an international standpoint, I think you’ll see more
tournaments played internationally. And I think you might see a schedule
change. From what we’re hearing, they are contemplating starting the
season not on a calendar year basis, but perhaps in the fall, and run the
whole FedEx (NYSE:FDX) Cup Series, you know, through the next year, maybe
even into a 12-month season again.

HORROW: Thanks, Ken Kennerly.

KENNERLY: Thanks, pal.

HORROW: Yes, appreciate it.

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