Iowa vs Hebei Province, China

Some perspective on China VP Xi Jinping’s return visit to Iowa

Darren Gershby Darren Gersh, Washington Bureau Chief

Twenty-seven years ago a mid-level party official from Hebei province visited the small Iowa town of Muscatine. In the U.S. it was all about leg warmers, big hair and Madonna.  In China, fashion meant a well-tailored Mao suit.  This young party official slept over in a typical American family home with typical Star Wars decorations in the guest bedroom/kid’s room.  This official is now returning to Muscatine as Vice President of China.  Xi Jinping come a long way and so has China.  I thought it would be fun to compare China’s Hebei Province now to Iowa’s economy and population.

Iowa:  3 million
Hebei: 70 million  (Iran’s population is 69 million)

Des Moines:  203,000
Shijazhuang, Hebei’s largest city:  10.2 million

Hebei province:  $380 billion
Iowa:  $127 billion

GDP Per Capita
Hebei: $5,440
Iowa: $25,335

One other thing to consider:  China’s economy is now roughly 14 times larger than it was when Xi first bunked down next to Jabba the Hut.

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