Were Madonna and Justin Timberlake right? Only 4 minutes to save the world?

Ruben RamirezBy Ruben Ramirez
NBR National Assignment Editor

So, when you look at it that way… 26 minutes must be an eternity. Well, here at Nightly Business Report we’re not quite saving the world, but we are trying our darnedest to put together a show every single night that touches on what you may have missed the other 1,414 minutes that you weren’t glued to your TV. 26 minutes.

Since I joined NBR two months ago I’ve been out most every night trying to meet as many people as possible… cultivating more sources and developing more relationships with the idea that OUR viewers who generously give us 26 minutes every night should be the first to hear from top CEOs, thought leaders and decision makers who can help paint a canvas that provides insights, understanding and ideas that you aren’t likely to get anywhere else. 26 minutes.

I struggle to run 3 miles in 26 minutes on the treadmill. A big shout out to two people who helped us add a little something extra to the program this week: Jen @jenboscacci at CNET and Jason @mcgrawhillcos.

Check out our interview with CEO Terry McGraw of McGraw-Hill (NYSE:MHP) who talks about America needing to “get its swagger back.”

And, for those of us who can just dream about having a little swagger… how about braving the NYC streets in a Ferrari with CEO Marco Mattiacci… @ErikaMillerNBR did just that.

Since we’re talking time… the FF goes from 0-60 in 3 seconds! 26 minutes. It’s a number I’ve got etched in the brain. I ask myself every day… is that a story worthy of one of our precious 26 minutes? Internally, we discuss, we debate. Next week, I’ll try and put together a video of what a day in the life of our program looks like. Stay tuned.

Til then, keep watching on air and online, follow me on Twitter @RubenRamirezNBR… tweet me or send along your comments on Facebook (@bizrpt). It takes two to tango… and even though its only been two months, I hope it just keeps gettin’ better.

Ruben Ramirez is the national assignment editor at Nightly Business Report. Ramirez is responsible for working with all NBR bureaus, correspondents, producers, photographers and editors. Ramirez was most recently a reporter and field producer with Reuters Television. He has a B.A. in business administration with a focus in finance and broadcast journalism from Boston University.

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