Lou’s Been Thinking about How One Person Can Have a Positive Impact on Many People

SUSIE GHARIB: Finally tonight, our Friday feature, “Lou’s Been Thinking”
with author and educator Lou Heckler and tonight, get ready for it. Lou
has been thinking about you.

LOU HECKLER: I’ve been thinking about that one person. You heard the
saying, to the world you may be just one person, but to that one person,
you may be the world. When I first heard it, I thought it sounded a bit
arrogant. Me? To the world, one person? Surely not. And then I thought
about a friend of ours who is a radiologist, asked him how he decided what
field of medicine to enter. He said there was a radiology professor he
admired and that profoundly influenced him.

Then I thought about Charles Barkley, the former NBA all star.
Remember when he said, I don’t want to be anybody’s role model. I hear
what he’s saying, but it’s inescapable isn’t it? We look to those who have
gone before us to show us a path to follow. It might be teachers, coaches,
relatives and guess what? It might be you. Right now the people who work
for and with you, your customers, the suppliers who call upon you, your
neighbors, they’re all watching and trying to determine what they can learn
from your actions. You may say well, I don’t come into contact with that
many people, not really, but you do. And there are more than you think. In
the course of one month you might touch the lives of hundreds of people.
Think about that sometimes, but then it comes to this. If even one person
can be influenced in a positive way by something I’ve done, that’s a pretty
good day. Because when you come right down to it, that one person might be
just that one person. I’m Lou Heckler.

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