Lou’s Been Thinking about Engaging Employees

GHARIB:  And, finally, it`s our Friday feature “Lou`s been Thinking”
with author and educator Lou Heckler.  Tonight, Lou has been thinking about engaging employees.

LOU HECKLER, AUTHOR & EDUCATOR:  I`ve been thinking about the joy of anticipation.  Years ago, I hosted a morning TV talk show in North Carolina.  I asked a pediatrician on the show, what`s one thing most of us as parents forget when it comes to raising children?

He only hesitated slightly: kids love to anticipate, he said.  We should give them something to anticipate every day, maybe a bunch of somethings.  That applies to us big kids as well.

If you manage a group of people, are you giving them the gift of anticipation?  I hear a lot about the problem of getting employees engaged with their work.  I wonder if we have so systematized things in the hopes of preventing errors that we have taken away some of the creative fun.

What would happen if we explained a goal we were hoping to reach and a date by which we wanted it completed and then gave them leeway in deciding how to get there?

Big time athletic coaches often have incentives in their contracts for certain achievements, building their anticipation of what might occur if these goals are reached.  Couldn`t we build in incentives for our workers, too?

I heard a famous novelist say once that the best fiction makes us constantly ask, hmm, what`s going to happen next?  It seems to me that would be a really exciting in the world of non-fiction business as well.

I`m Lou Heckler.

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