Lou’s Been Thinking about Sharing Ideas

SUSIE GHARIB: And finally tonight, our Friday feature “Lou’s Been Thinking.” Here’s
author and educator Lou Heckler.

LOU HECKLER: I’ve been thinking about gatherers versus distributors. I
know mostly we hear about men being hunters and women being gatherers. But
I know a lot of men who are gatherers, too. They gather the latest
electronic gadgets, the trendiest kitchen counters, the vroom-iest sports
car. The main thing is, they seem to want to get them before the rest of us

I’m more partial to distributors. These men and woman love to learn
new ideas, too, but as soon as they do, their first question is, who else
would love to know this? Distributors feel if something is intriguing or
curious, they can’t wait to share it with others. They send you emails that
are not corny jokes or direct you to online articles you may have missed.
They’re not looking for something in return; they just like sharing. As
they get older, these are the folks who volunteer at schools and places of
worship and community outreach groups. They help raise money, raise
awareness, raise spirits.

So, what’s their payoff? It’s the look on our face when we not only
discover something we didn’t know, but also discover in this often me-first
world, someone else was actually thinking of us, too. So, if you’re typically
a bit of a gatherer, how about distributing the wealth of an idea instead?
I’m Lou Heckler.

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