Where can I find Drach’s open positions?

You can find Drach’s list of open positions on our website, http://nbr.com.
There are several ways to get to the info:

1. In the morning, when the pages are updated, they are posted right to the home page. So if you tend to check our site in the morning, you’ll see the open positions in the list within the left columns.


2. On the home page in the center column, under FINANCIAL TOOLS, click the blue button labeled MODEL PORTFOLIO.


3. Using navigation at the top, click Financial Tools > then Model Portfolio > then Drach’s Commentary & Positions.


4. Subscribe to the RSS feed for the Drach portfolio page. Doing this will flow our latest posts of Drach’s commentary and open positions right into your choice of feed readers, as soon as we post it. For information on RSS Feed Readers, using your favorite browser, search “feed readers,” for more information.

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