From Job Retraining to the Head of the Class

GHARIB:   As we reported earlier, over 13 million Americans are still out of work and as we continue our look at people finding jobs, we talk with Terrence Barrington.  In tonight`s “You`re Hired,” he tells us how he went from the unemployment line to school and then head of the class as an instructor.

TERRENCE BARRINGTON, INSTRUCTOR, SULLIVAN & COGLIANO:  All right class. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. I`m Terrence Barrington and I`m an instructor at Sullivan & Cogliano. I teach all medical classes. I teach billing. I teach coding. I teach insurance. When I first started, I was a student here. I was a student for four months and students asked me to tutor them, so when I started tutoring and the dean saw that I was actually a good tutor, she offered me a position and six months later she said, I want you to be one of our instructors.  And I was like sure.

When I lost my job, my wife was also working.  She`s a medical assistant.  She was getting ready to go on pregnancy leave, they let her go. Two weeks later, we had our daughter. So now you got two unemployed parents in this time period. Rent was due two days later. We had no food.  I`m the husband. I`m supposed to know exactly what to do. You`re looking at your family and you can`t do anything. But two days later after that, I got a call, (INAUDIBLE) workforce. We take (INAUDIBLE) visitors and we (INAUDIBLE) school.

I come in here and I say good morning.  It (INAUDIBLE) cheers (ph) all over again.  (INAUDIBLE) I have a place and that is everything to me. This is my home, my home away from home. I love it. I love it.

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