Hired After an 18 Month Search

SUSIE GHARIB: And finally tonight, companies are finally starting to hire, as we saw in today`s jobs report. One person who found work in recent months Jennifer Marszelek. In our ongoing series “You`re Hired,” she tells us about her journey on and off the unemployment line.

JENNIFER MARSZELEK, HUMAN RESOURCES DIR., SUREPAYROLL: Sure, payroll, this is Jennifer. I`m Jennifer Marszelek. I was out of work for about 18 months before I started here at Sure Payroll. I`m the director of human resources. I had worked for Room and Board Home Furnishings for about 11 or 11 1/2 as a human resource manager in Chicago. They restructured and they sell home furnishings and nobody needs a new sofa when their job is in danger. It was kind of hard to wrap my head around at first. I have always been in human resources. I`ve always had recruiting as part of my job and I did a lot of hiring every single year and so to be on the other side of it and not have a job was difficult. I really worked every single day at looking at job boards. So, I really used Career Builder and Monster. I used Linked In. I probably re- wrote my resume five or six times over 18 months. From one company, I learned that I didn`t have enough metrics listed or measurements listed on my resume, so I rewrote it to have more accomplishments listed. I joined the Chicagoland HR transition group in October of 2009. There was something about that group that really helped me feel connected to working. And it made me feel accountable to other people and to report back on what I was doing. I think you have to have a positive outlook. I was a recruiter before I lost my job and I am a recruiter now and people want to hire people that have confidence. I think this is a really good fit for me. I`m really excited and glad that this was the opportunity that materialized for me.

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