Long-Term Unemployed Woman Believes in her Goals, Finds Work as Principal

SUZANNE PRATT: And finally, with so many Americans unemployed for so long, we highlight one job seeker’s experience finding work. It’s our series, “You’re Hired.” Tonight, Alicia Brown explains how she landed in of all places, the principal’s office at a new charter school in Florida.

ALICIA BROWN, PRINCIPAL, LAMENSA ACADEMY: My name is Alicia Brown and I am the proud principal of LaMensa Academy New Generation School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I have been unemployed for over a year. This job I applied through A&A staffing but I went through the Professional Placement Network through WorkForce One in Broward County. They’re also an employee placement service as well. When the typical person would hear, oh, you have been unemployed for a year and now you’re a principal? It is amazing. I’m thrilled. Because it’s something I wanted to do for a long time, ever since I was a teacher’s aide, I set out in my mind that I wanted to achieve this goal and 13, now 14 years later, at 31, I’m fulfilling that dream when I was 17 years old. The job-hunting experience, you cannot get frustrated and tired. It is an emotional experience a lot of the time. I was very persistent and I held onto my faith. A lot of people, they started to — for being out of work for so long, that I have met, you know, they started to just kind of let go of their goals and ambitions. And I said, no, I’ll just settle for it and I said no, I cannot settle. New principal, new school, new kids.

PRATT: Tom, we’ll be hearing more stories like Alicia’s in the coming months adding to that 117,000 new jobs that we heard about today.

HUDSON: It certainly would do us a lot of good. A lot of patience, a lot of persistence and pride in that. We’ll continue to feature those stories every month.

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