Recent Grad Shares Job Hunting Tips

HUDSON: And finally tonight, while economists expect the unemployment rate to rise slightly when the January numbers are published tomorrow morning, one person who has found work is recent college graduate Kyle McDaniel. In our continuing series, “You`re Hired,” Kyle tells us he`s now working for Uncle Sam, sometimes even from home.

KYLE MCDANIEL, CONTRACT SPECIALIST, GSA: My name is Kyle McDaniel. I`m a contract specialist for the GSA in the national capital region. I`m spending the first year getting my certifications and learning everything I can about the Federal contracting process. I graduated in May of this past year, May 2010, from George Mason, a bachelor of science in public management. I knew the job market was going to be very tough, just from watching the news and hearing some stories from some of my friends that were on the job hunt and were having a very difficult time even finding places to apply to. I was feeling pretty desperate, I`m not going to lie. It was getting to the point where I was pretty much applying for anything that would give me a paycheck. When you don`t really realize how bad the job market is, you don`t think about other options, such as the options I was considering, like construction, retail, manual labor. On a whim, I went to a job fair. The difference between a job fair and a web site is people go to job fairs, employers go to job fairs specifically searching for people to hire. I picked up a lot of contacts, a lot of email addresses. I sent my resume to every one of them and I got a call back on one and it was a hire, the only one I got called back on. I would say leave no stone unturned. Look everywhere. Go to job fairs, go to every Internet service you can find. I would say visit your campus career center. They`re there as a resource to help you find a job and they`re a very good resource. Look. Don`t stop looking. Don`t give up. Just keep looking, because they`re there. They`re hard to find, but they`re there.

HUDSON: Just one story but certainly an optimistic one.

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