Temp Job Helps Land Full Time

GHARIB: And finally, despite the drop in temporary workers in today`s job`s report, temp workers have been a growing segment of the labor force ever since the economic recovery began. One person who found work in recent months is Stephanie Ross. In our ongoing series “You`re Hired,” she tells us how temping during her New York City job hunt actually helped her land a full time job.

STEPHANIE ROSS, AOL (NYSE: AOL): My first thought that I had was really shock and awe. I had never been in this situation and it was kind of depressing that so many people were in it with me. I started looking for a job and I was looking in management positions and I was looking primarily in sales, public relations. You know a variety of fields that I had touched on in my past work experience, so it did take a little time to recover but then, you know, I started collecting unemployment and I would go to the unemployment office like everyone else and I would get there and there was just seas and seas of people. Whether the economy was up or down, people were still going to say what did you do this year between this job and this job and you want to have a great answer. And that`s really when I started to look into contract employment, temping. I thought it was strictly administrative. I thought it was nothing but short term. I really didn`t know how great it could be and I had no idea that they work with great companies like AOL (NYSE: AOL) which is where I ended up landing.

STEPHANIE ROSS, AOL (NYSE: AOL): I support executive recruitment and operations for the executive recruitment department. Not to pat myself on the back, but I really feel it was a smart decision to move into contracting and maybe reinvent myself a little bit and hopefully I`ll continue to reinvent myself because staying fresh in the job market is kind of from what I`ve learned helps you get ahead.

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