Networking Key in Finding a New Job in a New State

GHARIB: For the past year, we’ve been bringing you the stories of
Americans finding work in a tough economy with our monthly series, “You’re
Hired.” In tonight’s segment, we meet a northerner whose five-month job
hunt took her south for better weather and better opportunities.

Ginger Alexander and I’m the office administrator at Bloom Medical Group in
Delray Beach, Florida. I was out of work from June to November. I was an
office administrator at a law office in Connecticut. I was there for three
years. I was wanting to move down to Florida to get out of the cold
weather and the gray skies for about 10 years. I interviewed and was hired
and started the following Monday.

My job as an office administrator is taking care of any computer
problems that happen throughout the day. I’m kind of a point person for all
the employees here like if there’s any glitches with computers, printers,
telephones, they come to me. I process payroll. I give tours of the
building for people that are interested in switching their doctors. When
you’re not working you’re full-time job is to get a job. I’ve done a lot of
re-employment programs, seminars, things like that. I’ve learned networking
is the best way to do it, to just really put yourself out there, talk to
people about what you do. I moved down here without a job, but I was
fortunate enough to get something that’s decent I love and I hope to retire
from here.

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