Retraining Helps Land a Job as Social Media Specialist

SUSIE GHARIB: As we reported, almost 13 million Americans are still out of
work, but as we continue our look at people finding jobs, we talk with
Heather Carper. In tonight’s “You’re Hired,” she tells us how retraining
provided by a city-run program took her from administrative assistant to
social media specialist.

Carper, and I’m a communications associate at Akrete Communications PR. My
specialty is in social media. So social media strategy, teaching
businesses how we can take things that we typically think of with personal
communications, Facebook, Twitter, that sort of thing, and leverage it in
the business world.

I became unemployed as of August 2010. I had been an executive
administrative assistant for about 10 years. I knew when I got laid off
the last time that I really didn’t want to just go get another job, I could
go get another job, I had done it before. But what I really wanted to do
was find a career where I could have, you know, more determination of what
my future would be.

I’ve been working for Akrete Communications for the last two months
now. Well, you know, I’m not the girl who just brings the coffee and water
to the table, I actually have a place at the table now, and contribute to
the dialogue. And that’s incredibly exciting.

HUDSON: Congratulations to her, certainly in the last month lots of
Americans finding jobs.

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