Universal Health Services CEO Alan Miller on Healthcare Issues

SUSIE GHARIB: Well, tonight, the president will be meeting with business leaders in Washington. Our next guest will be there. He’s Alan Miller, CEO of Universal Health Services (NYSE:UHS), one of the nation’s biggest
healthcare management companies. When I talked with him earlier today, I asked him what he wants to
hear from the president.

the president to do is to assure us that the 2 percent Medicare cut that’s
supposed to go in next year will be reviewed. That’s one.

Second thing I’d like him to think about is creating some sort of a
committee to review the Affordable Care Act carefully and with a view
towards amending those parts that don’t work. I’d like to see him say
something about medical liability reform, tort reform, which is something
that I think is very essential.

GHARIB: I’m going to come back to you on health care, but the
president is also expected to talk to your group of CEOs about creating
more jobs. Are you doing more hiring at Universal Health Services (NYSE:UHS)?

MILLER: We are doing hiring. But certainly we would like to see the
economy pick up. We have not seen as robust a business in one of our
segments, the acute care end, because of unemployment and the down economy.

GHARIB: Let’s talk a little bit about health care. The Supreme Court
is expected in the next few weeks to hear arguments about President Obama’s
health care law, and the main point there is the constitutionality of the
mandate that’s requiring all Americans to be covered by some kind of
insurance policy. What kind of outcome would you like to see?

MILLER: I would hope that the whole law goes down, that there is no
severability and the whole law goes down, and then it has to be revisited,
which I would like to see happen.

GHARIB: So one last question, as you know, Super Tuesday, the
presidential race is heating up. Come November, who do you think will do
more for the economy and these health care issues we’ve been talking about,
the president or one of the Republican candidates?

MILLER: I think the president has done the best he can, as his
administration has also tried. But I think that with the economy being
where it is, with the unemployment, with the Affordable Care Act having
many, many provisions that I don’t feel work very well, it might be time
for another president, and we’ll have a close election to see if the
population agrees with that.

GHARIB: All right. Well, we’ll see what happens. Thank you so much,
Alan, for your time tonight. Appreciate it.

MILLER: You’re very welcome.

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