The Value of a Tech Plan in Business

SUSIE GHARIB: When people launch a business, they spend a lot of time
making a game plan and thinking about who their customer will be. But tonight’s commentator says it’s crucial for new business owners to design a tech plan. Here’s Alfred Edmond, Jr., senior vice president and editor-at- large at “Black Enterprise.”

ENTERPRISE: Every entrepreneur has heard that technology is key to the competitiveness of their business. However, if you ask them just what that means, too many would be at a loss to explain their approach to technology and its role in their businesses. Well, according to Marcia Wade Talbert, “Black Enterprise’s” multimedia content producer in charge of the magazine’s tech coverage, no matter what kind of business you own, your
technology planning should focus on four main areas: social media,
security, storage, and mobility.

Your business needs a social media strategy to engage, listen to, and respond to customers, and to help them to become willing evangelists for your business. You need a technology security plan to protect your company’s most valuable assets, its data, ranging from financial records and contracts to customer emails and sales records. You also need a plan for safely backing up and storing the files and data that are the lifeblood of your business. Storage, whether on remote servers or on the cloud, is critical. And you need mobility. With wireless mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones, you and your employees are now expected to do business on the go from practically anywhere in the world. Without an on- purpose plan to integrate social media, security, storage, and mobility, your company will operate at a technological disadvantage against the competition. I’m Alfred Edmond, Jr.

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