Hilary Kramer’s Growth and Dividend Incentives for Investors

TOM HUDSON: Growth and getting paid. Those are two awfully powerful incentives
that investors are looking for profits these days. Tonight`s “Street
Critique” guest is going for both in two different areas. Hilary Kramer
back with us, author of “The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks”.
Hilary, before we talk about growth and getting paid, I got to ask you
about a big stock with big profits that we mentioned at the top of the
program, Facebook. Would you be a buyer in the second quarter when the
shares come public?

STOCKS”: No way, Tom. I`ve anecdotally asked 100 college students and
they`ve told me the trend is over, it`s too commercial. They`ve concerned
about privacy and they`ve moved onto other social media sites.

HUDSON: We`ll have to revisit this as we get closer to that launch
date no doubt. You`re looking for growth in biotech. The first pick here
is Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:REGN), REGN. The stock tonight is at
a new 52-week high, has had a heck of a rally in the last three weeks. Why
buy now?

KRAMER: Because Regeneron (NASDAQ:REGN) has drugs in the pipeline phase three that
look very promising, especially for gout, asthma, arthritis. The company
has been around for over 20 years and it`s finally coming into its own.
Seems expensive here, but there`s more up side.

HUDSON: You`ve been in biotech looking for growth in previous picks.
You`ve liked Ariad (NASDAQ:ARIA) and YM Biosciences (TSE:YM). Since you first mentioned them on
NBR, Ariad is up 17 percent, YM down 7.6. Do you still like these?

KRAMER: I like both of them, but especially Ariad (NASDAQ:ARIA)  which has four
promising oncology compounds.

HUDSON: Ariad (NASDAQ:ARIA), thank you for correcting that. I mispronounced the
company`s name. You`re also looking to get paid going overseas, foreign
dividend stocks with, believe it or not, is that a European bank, Credit
Suisse (NYSE:CS)? CS Europe and banking all in one, what`s going on here Hilary?

KRAMER: Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) has just been decimated this year. CS, it`s a
strong company. It`s rebuilding its reputation. About all that`s gone
wrong could have. CS is a dividend yielding stock, but it`s one to hold
for two or three years as they rebuild.

HUDSON: You`re hoping that all has gone wrong and it`s all over with
going wrong at this point. You`ve been looking for foreign dividends
previous. Unilever (NYSE:UN), Telefonica (NYSE:TEF)  and National Grid (NYSE:NGG), kind of a mixed
performance. Do you still like these despite the income that dividends

KRAMER: Absolutely. Especially Tom when you can`t get anything from a
CD today and Europe is about ready to bottom out. It`s going to have its
Armageddon day and these are great companies to own with great dividend
yields. Telefonica, TEF is a great emerging market player really if you
want exposure to Brazil and Latin America.

HUDSON: Got you. Do you own everything that we mentioned here
tonight, Hilary?

KRAMER: Yes, I own them all.

HUDSON: Great. You can send us your questions. We`ve got an e-mail
address for you. There it is, streetcritique@nbr.com. It`s Hilary Kramer
this evening on “Street Critique.” Thanks, Hilary.

KRAMER: Pleasure.

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