Lou’s Been Thinking about Angels and Mentors

GHARIB:   And finally, it`s time for our new Friday feature “Lou`s
Been Thinking” with management consultant and educator Lou Heckler.
Tonight, Lou`s been thinking about angels and a 2,000 mile trail.

LOU HECKLER:  I`ve been thinking about trail angels. Several of our friends have hiked the Appalachian Trail, that amazing 2,184 mile path from Georgia to Maine. And they all talk about the trail angels. It seems that people who live along the trail do things to help the hikers who make the trip. They may leave bottled water at the trail`s edge or tie treats on low-hanging branches so hikers can grab an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) or a cereal bar for a boost of energy. Sometimes, they just sit along the trail to encourage the hikers.

It got me thinking about the trail angels in my life. I`ve never hiked the Appalachian Trail, but I`ve had a few angels. One was Miss King. She taught English to seventh and eighth graders and she loved the language.
She wanted us to love it, too. We were required to memorize and recite for the class at least an eight-line poem every week. She even made us learn the lost art of diagramming sentences.  At a 40th high school reunion a few years ago, a bunch of us got talking about teachers we`ve had and somebody
asked, who was your favorite teacher?   I was one of seven in a circle and
we all named Miss King. We were all profoundly influenced by her. So, here
are some questions:   Who needs your influence?   Who needs your help as
they walk their trail?   Who needs you to be their trail angel?   I`m Lou

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