Lou’s Been Thinking about Truth

HUDSON:   Good news and finally tonight from us, a new Friday feature
with a different perspective on all the issues affecting us at home and in business.  Lou Heckler is a management consultant and educator. Tonight, we call it “Lou`s Been Thinking.” Here`s Lou Heckler.

LOU HECKLER:  I`ve been thinking about truth. I remember when our now- adult son was very little, and he asked us, what makes something true?  I struggled to come up with an age-appropriate answer or any answer and was just about ready to go to that old reliable, maybe you should ask your
mother, when he blurted out, does somebody think something up?  Try it a
few times?  And if it works, it`s true?

Hmm, that sounded pretty good to me! Would that it were that easy.
Like most of you, I hear things fairly often that I suspect aren`t true, even when the person speaking expresses them with conviction. We`ve all read about coaches who have beefed up that resume, about bright teenagers taking tests for others, about someone running for office asserting he or she has done things they didn`t do. It makes me nervous to see this slopping over into the workplace.

Some years ago, I read an intriguing book co-written by suspense novelist James Patterson.  It`s called “The Day America Told the Truth”. People were surveyed, do you lie regularly?  Ninety one percent said yes! Would you lie for a particular business aim?  Twenty nine percent said yes. Then the kicker, should we teach ethics in schools?  Eighty percent said, yes! That`s a little scary, isn`t it?   We all know that expression, the
truth will set you free.  It probably will, but first we have to invite it into our lives. No lie! I`m Lou Heckler.

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