Teach Kids About Gift Giving

HUDSON. With the holiday retail insanity all around us, sometimes it`s pretty easy to lose touch with reality. Tonight`s “Kids and Cash” has a few last minute tips for teaching kids or grandkids the basics of gift giving.

Here`s Neale Godfrey, CEO of the Children`s Financial Network.

NEALE GODFREY, CHMN. & CEO, CHILDREN`S FINANCIAL NETWORK:  It`s the perfect time of year to make sure your kids understand the importance of giving, appropriately. An overgenerous gift can indicate too much of a need for approval and can embarrass the receiver.  Or it can signal the beginning of an unhealthy materialistic competition. You can explain to kids that parents and grandparents love all gifts the same, no matter the cost.

A solution is to have the kids pool their resources for one gift, with everyone putting in what they can afford.  For a very important gift like parents or grandparents, you may want to help kids with a matching fund.

Non-monetary gifts really convey the most important message. Let kids be creative. Cooking a special dinner for grandma or helping to put photos in an album take more thought and might be a better way to say I love you. Let your children come up with their own creative ideas for giving and remember, I care never comes with a price tag. Happy holidays.  I`m Neale Godfrey.

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