Millennials in the Workplace Bring Hope says Harry Lin

SUSIE GHARIB: Do you work with Millennials? That`s the generation of adults born between 1980 and 2000. For the most part, they`re used to working in teams and tend to make friends with people at work. Tonight`s commentator enjoys managing this new generation of employees. He`s Harry Lin, executive-in-residence at Idealab, it`s a technology incubator in Pasadena, California.

HARRY LIN, EXECUTIVE-IN-RESIDENCE, IDEALAB: Being of my age, and being in my industry, the Internet, means that I have the pleasure of routinely working with young people. Software developers, Web designers, social media marketers, employees I endearingly refer to as “kids.”

These kids are a main reason I chose this industry more than a dozen years ago, and one of the reasons I continue to work in it, despite the fact that I don`t look as good as I think I do when I wear skinny jeans to the office.

See, though it`s conventional wisdom to criticize Millennials as narcissistic, spoiled, with ADD, I find that the 20-somethings in the high- tech sector truly want to make a difference.

If you came of age after September 11th, your adult life is one of foundational disruption. The tech field is nothing if not disruptional. These kids decided to embrace constant change rather than resist it, to share rather than hoard, to Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) fact-check it rather than simply believe what`s told to them.

They work really hard, too, as long as you give them free soda and snacks. The Millennials I work with give me hope about our future. I only hope that one of them hires me out of pity when I`m completely irrelevant.

I`m Harry Lin.

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